Teaching Opportunities

Magic Lantern Montessori is a year-round preschool that incorporates the Montessori philosophy and materials with a cooking and creative arts program. The school was founded in 2001 by local parents and remains a parent-run organization dedicated to providing a community-based school organized for working parents and their children.

Although we are not currently hiring, we will review applications for well-qualified substitute teachers. Please contact the Director for more information.


Magic Lantern Philosophy
Magic Lantern Montessori is a non-profit preschool, located in Rainier Valley. The school provides an intimate environment that nurtures children, parents, staff and emphasizes community and diversity through program teaching and family participation. The program provides a rich, diverse curriculum that touches on many different aspects of life, family and community.  At Magic Lantern, we use the Montessori philosophy to create an environment that is creative and nurturing allowing the children to grow, learn and discover to their fullest potential. Our dedicated teachers and staff foster a strong sense of community; empower children to develop respect for self, others and the environment; and build a strong academic foundation for a lifetime of learning.

At Magic Lantern we believe a healthy understanding of diet and exercise is perhaps as critical to nurturing our children into strong and functioning adults as a solid educational foundation.  The earlier children enter the kitchen to help prepare their own food the earlier they begin to learn the value of healthy eating habits.  We strive to develop this foundation by providing a healthy diet centered on whole, organic foods.  Special care is taken to avoid refined sugars focusing on a vegetarian diet with ample beans, legumes, dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Most importantly, the children participate and engage in the preparation of their snacks and lunches each day introducing them to the wonderful and creative ways they can make decisions about their bodies and lead healthy and active lives. At Magic Lantern, the cooking program is integrated with other school programs so the children can learn about life, culture, and the environment, through food.

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School Expectations: 
All Magic Lantern employees will exercise caution and common sense with the children at all times, knowing who is in school, who is napping, who needs toileting, and so on. Each staff member will have clear and consistent expectations for every child. The teachers will encourage children to take responsibility for their behavior, understand consequences, and repair their mistakes.

All staff members will work cooperatively with one another as a team to create an environment consistent with the peaceful, respectful Montessori method.